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J2814 – Account manager for European programs – Based in the Netherlands, Finland or the United Kingdom

Great salary, bonus and benefits.

J2814 – Our client is seeking a European Programs Account Manager to provide program and account management for strategic supplier and wholesale supplier programs in European markets, including maintaining relationships with suppliers and financial partners. You will also ensure the smooth running of existing programs and contribute to the successful implementation of new programs. You will manage individual credit proposals through payment, securing credit approvals and forwarding completed documentation to operations.

Great salary, bonus and benefits. Place: Netherlands, Finland or United Kingdom

Job reference: J2814 – 2
Profession: J2814 – European Programs Account Manager – Based in the Netherlands, Finland or the United Kingdom – Asset Finance
Salary: Excellent salary, bonus and benefits
Remote work: Yes
Contact Number: +442037407222
Function: Sales
Job description :

J2814 – Our client is seeking a European Programs Account Manager to provide program and account management for Strategic Supplier and Wholesale Supplier programs in European markets, including maintaining relationships with suppliers and funding partners . You will also ensure the smooth running of existing programs and contribute to the successful implementation of new programs. You will manage individual credit proposals through payment, securing credit approvals and forwarding completed documentation to operations.

Great salary, bonus and benefits. Place: Netherlands, Finland or United Kingdom


  • Provide innovative financial solutions to suppliers and their customers, in particular through supplier financing programs managed by third party financing partners, offering leasing facilities to end customers.

  • Liaise with banking partners and Group companies across Europe to ensure the continuous development and improvement of existing programs.

  • Act as the initial point of contact for all new suppliers and customers.

  • Act as an account manager and liaise with existing clients and financial partners to handle any new proposal, request or issue.

  • Work with the company’s operational teams to act as the point of contact for any issues, if any, to ensure any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

  • Build and submit credit applications for higher value proposals in the agreed format and presented to the credit committee.

  • Analyze financial statements, including their conclusions in bids and / or credit proposals, and be able to confidently discuss their conclusions.

  • Provide an exceptional customer experience

  • Assist in the development of products necessary to meet customer needs, including pricing and program structure.


  • Graduated ideally in a related discipline, i.e. business studies, economics, finance.

  • Experience working in a corporate sales environment in the rental industry, with roles that spanned working with clients of different nationalities.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the financial services environment.

  • Knowledge and understanding of working and dealing directly with multiple stakeholders including the supply chain.

  • Understanding of supplier financing programs and risk sharing structures.

  • Dutch and English language is a requirement; other European language, preferably French and / or German, a definite advantage.

  • Although Amsterdam is the preferred location, applicants based in the UK or Finland may also be considered.

We strongly favor candidates with proven and relevant experience in financial services; in particular in Asset Finance and Leasing.

Only applicants with relevant experience in the country will be considered.

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How the priorities of managed account sponsors are changing

Platform consolidation remains important for managed account sponsors, but a new report from Cerulli reveals that sponsors are placing more emphasis on several other goals.

In US Managed Accounts 2021: The Evolution of Personalized Investing, Cerulli reports that the growing adoption of home office solutions, helping advisors create better portfolios and responding to regulatory issues have moved high on the list of priorities for sponsors.

Cerulli found that home-based advisory groups encourage advisors to adopt models to create consistent results for investors. According to the company’s research, 45% of managed account promoters see the growing adoption of home office solutions as a top priority. “Forward-looking companies understand that financial planning is the most important service they can provide to investors and that other aspects of investing, especially portfolio construction, must be outsourced,” stresses The report.

In addition, almost 4 in 10 (39%) companies consider providing better portfolio building support for advisors a top priority. “As they continue to encourage outsourcing, the sponsors have accepted that some advisers will never want to give up on portfolio building,” Cerulli notes. For these “unconditional discretionary advisers,” companies provide tools, analysis and support staff to help them become better portfolio managers, the report adds.

Responding to regulation is also a concern, with 39% seeing it as one of their company’s top initiatives. According to the report, the change in administration is causing many companies to fear the introduction of new fiduciary standards that will require significant changes in their technology, policies and procedures.

Reducing the cost of client portfolios is also a priority for managed account distributors, with 37% indicating it is one of their top priorities. Cerulli observes that managed account sponsors continue to leverage their purchasing power to obtain the lowest possible price for asset management products.

Reframing revenue sharing

As the wealth management industry moves towards an increasingly fee-based model, managed account sponsors and asset managers are apparently looking to reframe revenue sharing and the distribution economics. Cerulli’s report shows that only a quarter of asset managers are very willing to engage in revenue sharing, while a third are unwilling to engage in income sharing regardless of the asset opportunity – a signal that the approach is undergoing a fundamental change.

The traditional basis of sales agreements, one of the most common revenue sharing agreements, is losing ground in favor of alternative options. According to the report, more than 60% of managers believe that fixed fees (payments between asset managers and program sponsors tied to specific, measurable measures) are an attractive option for revenue sharing.

“These types of arrangements are seen as more equitable by asset managers and they also stand up to the scrutiny of a fiduciary environment,” notes Matt Belnap, senior analyst at Cerulli. “If asset managers and sponsors are working towards a common goal, this type of arrangement not only promotes partnership, but also alleviates regulatory concerns on both sides. ”

Moving forward, asset managers apparently view home office portfolio building opportunities as the most valuable types of partnerships via revenue sharing or partnership fees. The most interesting opportunities among managers are:

  • have products in home office portfolios (83%);
  • be in wrap programs (78%); and
  • be on selected lists (70%).

“If asset managers have to pay, they want those dollars to buy as much influence as possible,” says Belnap.

In addition to the fee arrangements, further consideration will be given to conference sponsorship, according to Cerulli. While 74% of asset managers surveyed say conference sponsorships offer moderate value when considering revenue sharing arrangements, a quarter of survey respondents believe they provide no value. value, making these referrals the least valuable revenue-sharing item valued by asset managers. That said, the report suggests that conferences and meetings will remain important, and much of the industry will want to return to meeting with their peers in person.

Still, with few asset managers considering themselves ‘very willing’ to enter into revenue sharing arrangements, regardless of AUMs or marketing programs, sponsors of managed account programs need to be prepared for a sharing environment. changing incomes, the report points out. “Asset managers want partnerships and tangible benefits from payments. The sheer influence of AUM will not be enough to strike a deal, ”Belnap adds.

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Public relations customer manager – Pedestrian television

Company Description

The Atticism is a full-service branding and PR agency that was founded in Australia in 2012. Our team specializes in the hospitality, technology and urban lifestyle sectors.

The Atticism has become the go-to agency for those looking to break free from traditional public relations methods. We are leading spokespersons against the widespread use of vanity measures in public relations and were one of the first agencies to promote the dissolution of the traditional press release.

The Atticism is a boutique agency, by design. We don’t try to be the biggest, but we are determined to be the best. We are made up of a tight-knit team that works closely with our clients to help them succeed.

We believe that when it comes to communication, if everyone is going one way, it is often better to find a different path, which will surprise and delight. This will ensure that your voice is heard and, most importantly, remembered.

job description

The Atticism currently sees an experienced Public Relations (PM) Account Manager to assist its AU clients outside of our SYDNEY (Waterloo) office.

Hours are flexible and we can offer full or part time work, depending on the right candidate. To be taken into account, you MUST:

  • Have a minimum 3 years of experience in public relations in SYDNEY.
  • Have knowledge of the media and journalists relevant to certain sectors.
  • Have experience in the restaurant industry, F&B PR.
  • Have demonstrated experience in managing accounts receivable, integrating into reporting, strategy to execution, etc.
  • You MUST be able to work independently, be the single point of contact for clients, and work effectively and efficiently.

Hat AM sits on the broader accounts team and acts as the daily contact for our clients and the media. The MA reports directly to the Senior Account Manager (SAM) and the MA will work closely with the SAM to develop new client proposals and audit the progress of the existing client’s strategy.

The AM is responsible for preparing creative strategies and proposals for clients, presenting concepts to clients in face-to-face presentations, managing the day-to-day management of client accounts, and developing effective and meaningful relationships with key players. media.


  • A Happy SAM who is not stuck in the day-to-day management of customer accounts.
  • Extremely satisfied customers with a monthly rating of 4+.
  • An energetic approach to accounts receivable, always proposing avenues for improving results,
  • Consistent customer references due to a job well done,
  • Repeat sales from customers who are so happy they want more,
  • References from satisfied customers,
  • A strong, personal, frank and effective relationship with customers,
  • A strong and personal relationship with key media in various sectors,
  • Regular face-to-face interviews with your customers,
  • A reputation for being creative, efficient and energetic.
  • Compliance with an effective company policy, increasing efficiency and productivity.


  • Attends weekly AM team meetings, following the agenda exactly, and is prepared with relevant information and feedback.
  • Directs day-to-day accounts receivable activities and drives accounts forward,
  • Works with SAM to develop creative ideas for new client proposals.
  • Keep in touch with customers via comprehensive, personalized and intentional weekly updates (per the Weekly Updates guide here) to provide regular feedback on their account,
  • Proposes creative changes or additions to customer strategies at SAM in order to make customer strategies more effective or achieve better results,
  • Work to re-sign all clients, always being aware of contract end dates,
  • Work with SAM to re-sign clients outlining the clear benefits to the client in doing so,
  • Understands and complies with customer budgets,
  • Uses company goals as a firm and strict rule and strives to exceed them,
  • Stay tuned to market trends and new industry methods to ensure we are ahead of the game,
  • Keeps SAM informed of what is happening in accounts receivable and reports any potential issues during weekly AM team meetings, or as they arise
  • Monitor campaign calendars and provide a mid-campaign summary report to SAM to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the current campaign and implement strategies to be addressed if necessary,
  • Comes up with brilliant ideas on how to increase results or resolve potential accounts receivable issues,
  • Go above and beyond to ensure results are achieved for our clients,
  • Exhaust all options and never give up just because the first attempt didn’t work,
  • Demonstrate tenacity and determination – always looking for ways to achieve client’s goals,
  • Delegate tasks, as appropriate, to JAM and provide clear direction with deadlines
  • Continuously look for new ways to expand and strengthen your network of contacts – events, face-to-face meetings, networking events, etc.
  • Has difficult conversations with the client whenever necessary, but in an honest and firm manner,
  • Always look for opportunities to gain new prospects,
  • Ensures that the Founder’s vision is true, never diluted and always communicated,
  • Preserves the reputation of the Founder,


  • Responsible & Professional. You know you are ultimately responsible for the day-to-day success of our accounts receivable and for pointing out potential issues before they turn into issues that can cause customer dissatisfaction. You don’t blame elsewhere and put the real cause of something in the right place and work with SAM to find creative solutions to problems. You never forget that your client is your client, not your friend, and you do and always maintain the professional relationship.
  • Solution oriented, productive and creative. Go from A to B as efficiently as possible while keeping in mind that creativity is a core value of The Atticism. Never take the easier route if there is a more colorful way that will lead to more solid results for The Atticism or our clients.
  • Energetic. You never settle for “enough”. Your energy, drive and tenacity are recognizable to the client and they can’t help but feel energized and energized when working with you. You are continually looking for new ways to be successful and deliver more than you expect.
  • Charming. You understand that relationships are a major key to your success in this industry. You work hard to develop real, face to face and lasting relationships with the media. You are seen as someone who can help them find content and information, someone they can turn to, and someone they trust to help them. You also work to become a steadfast asset to our clients, making them feel that The Atticism is an ESSENTIAL part of their business.
  • Confident, Frank and Respectful. You recognize that your role is to guide the client to success and this can sometimes require you to advise a client on the correct procedure, or areas where they may not provide us with everything we need to be successful. While you are confident and outspoken in your approach, you are also not seen as bossy or disrespectful. If you are to have relationships with clients, they should be based above all on professionalism and respect.

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