Literacy is an important asset in an age of disruption: Nusantara Activist Network

The consequence of living in this era of disruption is that we have to accept new facts that force us to live side by side with the high intensity of the information rate. Twenty-four hours of non-stop information flow through our gadgets

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Nusantara Activist Network coordinator Romadhon Jasn said literacy and reflection are important assets for people living in an age of disruption, where the intensity of information flow is very high.

“This era is marked by the density of information received by people, but it is not balanced with the capacity for reflection,” Romadhon Jasn said in a statement on Sunday.

Living in the age of disruption must have the ability to read well in order to have deep thinking so that people can sort through information.

“The consequence of living in this era of disruption is that we have to accept new facts that require us to live side by side with the high intensity of information flow. Twenty-four hours of non-stop information flows through our gadgets “, did he declare. mentioned.

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He also expressed concern about community groups absorbing information without sorting it out first. This tendency appears in cases of hoaxes and hate speech which often pose a threat to the unity and diversity of Indonesia.

In commemoration of World Book Day, he wishes to reach out to the younger generation or Millennials to continue to increase interest in reading.

“In 2021, Indonesia was ranked 62nd out of 70 countries in terms of literacy levels, or was among the bottom 10 countries with low literacy. This is of course very ironic,” he said. .

Therefore, as a member of the millennial generation or the most dominant social group using social media, he felt the need to improve the situation.

“Insya Allah (God willing), after this Ramadan we will organize special activities to improve the literacy of the young generation,” he said.

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Romadhon made the statement in response to a tweet from Indonesian National Police Chief Listyo Sigit about the commemoration of World Book Day which is celebrated every April 23.

Via the Twitter account @ListyoSigitP, Police Chief Listyo Sigit wrote “Read books diligently so that our horizons are open and we have an open mind, so that we can appreciate differences and diversity.”

Romadhon found Listyo’s tweet about the importance of reading books and the need for society to respect differences and diversity to be worth exploring.

“For us, what he wrote is an imperative that must be realized by people living in an age of disruption,” he said.

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