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On 9/20/21 I, Detective DV Smith, met the victim at Family Safety Center 610 Murfreesboro Pike about her ex-boyfriend harassing her. The victim said she initially reported a report of harassment on September 13, 21 at Midtown Hills Patrol.

The victim and the accused had a relationship from November 10, 2019 to January 7, 2021. The victim ended their relationship. On January 11, 2021, the victim told the accused not to contact her again by text. Since that date, the accused has not stopped harassing her. The victim provided a domestic violence detective with physical copies of emails, text messages and photographs with the accused’s listed email addresses, phone numbers and social media profiles.

The victim stated that he received 8 separate emails from the accused in 2021 to his work email address on 5/7, 5/24, 8/8, 8/11, 8/12, 8/15, 8 / 26 and 9/2. The victim stated that he received 10 separate emails from the accused in 2021 on his personal account on 1/7, 1/13, 2/14, 2/14, 8/8, 8/10, 8 / 11, 8/12, 8/15 and 9/2. The victim stated that she received 12 emails from the accused in 2021 on his personal Gmail account on 1/21, 1/22, 1/23, 1/24, 2/1, 2/14, 4/14, 8/8, 8/11, 8/12, 8/15 and 9/2.

The victim said the accused left his roses and gifts at his residence on 02/14/2021. She said the defendant texted her daughter three times on 2/14/21. She stated that the defendant sent her 5 messages on Facebook Messenger; in which, she blocked it on 02/27/21. The accused sent him 4 messages via Instagram using two separate accounts. She said she blocked it on 2/3/21. The defendant sent him 2 messages via his Hinge profile on 3/6/21 and 4/20/21. The victim blocked and reported their profile.

The defendant sent him a copy of his own book via UPS on 4/4/21. The defendant added 12 new photos and videos of himself to a shared iPhoto folder. The victim abducted it on 5/2/21. The defendant sent money to the victim via Venmo for $ 8.55 to reimburse the postage. The victim blocked it on 05/04/2021. The defendant sent him a message via LinkedIn on 6/21/21. The defendant sent 11 text messages from his personal telephone number. The defendant then called his cell phone 7 times on 06/25/21. The defendant also left 2 voice messages. The victim blocked his phone number on 06/25/21.

The accused invited the victim out on two occasions: for dinner on 02/27/21 by text message and a concert on 08/11/21 by e-mail. The victim said the accused came to her home uninvited and left a note on his vehicle on 9/21/21. The victim said his vehicle was purchased recently, so the defendant should not have known which vehicle was his.

All of the incidents listed occurred in Nashville, TN Davidson County. The victim fears for her personal safety because the accused refuses to take no for an answer. She said the actions of the accused make her feel terrified, scared, intimidated, threatened and harassed. The victim suffered emotional distress.

Based on the victim impact statement, photos and documented evidence, there is a likely reason to seek a harassment warrant due to the defendant contacting the victim by phone, mail, email, but without s ” limit it by email, text or other electronic message sent using the internet, websites or social media platform, placing an item on or delivering an item to a property, the victim is the target of deliberate behavior involving repeated or continuous harassment.

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